Alison Berry

Alison Berry (b.1981) is a British composer whose compositional style combines influences from the English Pastoral Tradition, elements of popular music and media music, as well as strains of Celtic and some aspects of minimalist music. Her work has been described as "very refreshing... beautiful and very finely written" (Sir Peter Maxwell Davies), and "overwhelmingly life affirming... joyous, reflective and sad in equal measure... fresh new music that's worth listening to" (Marc Yeats).

Alison is passionate about creating music that is contemporary while remaining accessible to wide audiences. By seamlessly blending elements from different genres, and through the use of contemporary subject matter, she has created a unique style appreciated by performers of all ages and audiences alike.

Her works have been performed at multiple venues across the UK and abroad (countries include USA, Australia, New Zealand, Greece and Austria), and at several music festivals including the London New Wind Festival, Headingley Music Festival, Edinburgh International Harp Festival, Stevenage Arts Festival, Hallstatt Classics Festival in Austria, and the 48th Dimitria Festival of the City of Thessaloniki. 

Alison's work has been financially supported by awards from the PRS Foundation's "Women Make Music" scheme and the BBC Performing Arts Fund.